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Mentorship Program

In response to the rapid evolution within the building supply industry, the Building Supply Industry Association (BSIA) is proud to announce the initiation of a pioneering mentorship program. This strategic move aims to address the challenges posed by the industry’s dynamic landscape, especially with numerous business owners entering retirement. Recognizing the critical need to nurture leadership succession, the BSIA is set to embark on a transformative journey with the launch of this comprehensive mentorship initiative.

The mentorship program recognizes and formalizes the existing organic mentorship relationships prevalent throughout the industry. By doing so, the BSIA aims to elevate mentorship to a structured and essential component for the industry’s sustainability. This strategic move aligns with the association’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment that supports professional growth and development.

Along with the training program comes a mentorship toolbox, offering practical resources for mentors long after the training program concludes. This toolkit encompasses a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and best practices that mentors can utilize to navigate mentorship effectively.

Upon successful completion of the mentorship program, participants will be awarded a certificate, providing tangible recognition of their commitment to advancing within the building supply industry. This not only signifies a personal achievement but also highlights the value placed on mentorship within the broader professional community.

Thank You to Our Partners!

Title Sponsor

“Mentors are critical—this is an important industry program. I’ve had a number of mentors in my life and none more important than Thomas Foreman. From the very beginning of my career he would listen to me talk about my business and personal problems, introduce me to key people or customers and encourage me to take advantage of opportunities, and asking nothing in return. I look forward to sharing with other mentors and mentees about how listening to him and others helped me–this tall, skinny and fairly unskilled fellow–progress beyond his potential! We at Powerhouse are honoured to be the Title Sponsor for the launch of the 2024 BSIA Mentorship Program.” – Ross Power, PowerHouse Building Solutions

Silver Sponsor