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Insurance Benefits

Insurance Benefits

Members of the Building Supply Industry Association of B.C. are eligible for group rate property and casualty insurance, as well as member insurance benefits plans and personal home insurance.

Personal Insurance

Business Insurance

Risk Services

Insurance is the “material” of choice when it comes to protecting your business. When is the last time you read through your policy with a clear understanding of its contents? Has your coverage adapted to keep up? Ask yourself a few questions:

1.  What is co-insurance and when does it apply?
2.  Do I know for sure that I carry the right kind and limit of Business Interruption Insurance?
3.  Do I need Directors and Officers Liability Insurance?
4.  Do I carry enough Liability Insurance?

These can be tough questions, and you need to know the answer, or you are risking your entire business.

Group Rate Property and Liability Insurance Program 
James R. Clay, F.I.I.C., FRM, ICD.D
J.T. Insurance Services (Canada), Inc.
Main Floor, London Place
1177 Hornby Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2E9
Telephone: (604) 684-7291
Facsimile:(604) 684-6300

If you are concerned, the BSIA can help. The help is in the form of an audit of your insurance coverage. Not another quote, or price, but an audit. After all, there is much more to insurance than the price. One of the many benefits of membership to the BSIA is a consultation/audit on your general insurance program from J.T. Insurance Services(Canada) Inc., which is your BSIA endorsed and recommended insurance brokerage firm.

So, what is your business worth to you? Invest the time in getting an audit on your insurance coverage. You will only reap more knowledge and peace of mind.  Call James Clay at 604 684-7291 at J.T. Insurance Services(Canada) Inc., today.

Benefits include: broad coverage, competitive terms, loss prevention, expert advice, no co-insurance requirements, flexibility to choose policy extensions, (ie)earthquake, flood, sewer, backup, business interruption, etc., an accurate assessment of the risk attached to your business.